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What is Waste Collection Leeds?

Waste collection is one of the waste management solutions. During waste collection, the waste your businesses generated, be it food waste, clinical waste, electrical waste, etc, is picked up and transferred to either recycling facilities or safely disposed of. 

Businesses in Leeds and all around the UK are legally required to dispose of their waste in such a manner that will not harm the environment. For example, instead of dumping your waste in landfills, you can contact 3bWaste to collect and recycle your business waste for you. What better way to save your business time and money?

What Type of Waste is Collected?

It goes without saying that different businesses will produce different types of waste. An IT tech company’s waste would mostly be electrical equipment while a hotel will mostly have food waste. So, let’s look at what different types of wastes are there.

Hazardous waste

This is any kind of waste that poses a greater risk to the environment and our health. It usually has laws that regulate its manufacture and disposal. Examples of hazardous waste would be clinical waste, mercury or products with mercury, some electrical waste, some paints, and chemicals. It is classified as hazardous according to its toxicity, how corrosive it is, and how it reacts when in contact with other substances such as fire.

Biodegradable Waste

Biodegradable waste is any waste that can be broken down by microorganisms found in the soil. This type of waste is also known as green waste due to its ability to decompose naturally under the right conditions. Landfills used to be the traditional place for biodegradable waste but this has since been discouraged due to the amount of methane gas biodegradable waste produced when left on its devices. Examples of biodegradable waste are food and landscaping waste such as grass, tree limbs, and grains to mention a few.

Solid Waste

Solid waste is all of the general waste your business produces. Simply put, solid waste is just rubbish. It can be anything from your office paper, cardboard to glass. It can be decomposable or not. 

Liquid Waste

Liquid waste is any waste that is “watery.” It can be both harmful and relatively harmless to our health. However, liquid waste needs delicate handling as it can be quite tricky. Unlike solid waste, it can spill everywhere and can be hard to clean up. Because liquid spreads, liquid waste is one of the fastest pollutants and can seep through the soil, into our plant crops, and the water we drink faster than any solid waste. 

Duty of Care Legislation Leeds

Most business owners tend to think that once they have handed over their rubbish to a collections company, their job is done. But, that is not the case. It is your duty as a business owner to ensure that your waste is disposed of responsibly or is recycled accordingly. That is why you must choose a company like 3bWaste because that way, you will rest assured that your business waste does not end up in landfills. 3bWaste is a licensed waste collection company for ANY waste material. Contact us today on 0113 347 0669.

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