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Sanitary Waste Management Leeds

3bWaste is committed to helping your business manage its sanitary waste responsibly and in a manner that does not harm the environment. Call us on 0113 374 0669 or fill in this form for a free quote. Furthermore, we can provide your business with free sanitary bins, deliver them free and pick the waste at your convenience. 

What is Sanitary Waste? 

Essentially, sanitary waste is a blood product or bodily fluids. It is all the discarded items or products people use for their bodily fluids, for example, a pad or a tampon for menstruation blood, a used sanitary panty liner, catheter, and stoma bags, condoms, or nasal secretions.

This kind of waste is also known as offensive/ hygiene waste. The term stems from its distasteful appearance and rancid smell. 

Sanitary Waste Management Leeds

Sanitary hygiene has been a subject not given much thought to in commercial settings. More often than not, businesses lack sanitary bins to dispose of sanitary waste, forcing women to either flash them the toilet or carry them back home. With more education around this subject, businesses grew aware of sanitary waste management. 

Though at home you can mix your sanitary waste to be collected with all your other rubbish, in the business setting, sanitary waste must be kept separate. According to The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 1992, all businesses are required to provide sanitary bins in every toilet. To ensure your business complies with this regulation, contact us and we will provide you with a free sanitary bin or sani bin.


Sanitary Waste Leeds Disposal

Disposing of your company’s sanitary waste requires that you go through the proper channels such as hiring a licenced waste disposal company like 3bWaste. The Water Industries Act 1994 forbids any sanitary waste from being flushed down the toilet as that may block sewerage and the drain.  Therefore, to help your business abide by these rules, 3bWaste offers you a range of services, most of which are free such as getting a quote, a bin or bags, and the delivery of that bin. Below are the kids of bins and bags we offer:

  • Bins – Bins come in various sizes. From as little as 110litres to 1100 litres, we have all the bins suitable for the size of your business. 
  • Bags – Our waste bags range from 40 litres to 80 litres. They come in the colours; green, blue, grey, black, purple, silver, and red.

Is Sanitary Waste Considered Hazardous? 

Sanitary waste has the potential of being hazardous as it may contain bloodborne pathogens. I disposed of carelessly, it will impact the environment negatively which may lead to some heavy fines for your business. However, should it be treated and declared non-infectious, it is considered non-hazardous. However, should sanitary waste be declared hazardous, it is no longer just sanitary waste but essentially clinical waste and should be treated as such.  

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