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Plastic Recycling Leeds

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Plastic Recycling Leeds

Plastic may be one of the most used materials in the whole world. It’s currently used 20 times more than it was 50 years ago. Also, plastic waste that is not recycled ends up in our precious oceans which hold 97% of Earth’s water and responsible for most of the carbon dioxide absorption. It is also the world-wide number one source of protein. Britain produces only about 1.7 million tonnes of plastic waste annually compared to the 80 million tonnes the U.S produces. 

How Is Plastic Recycled Leeds?

Plastic recycling consist of five steps, namely:

  • Collection: The first step in plastic recycling is the collection. As a business, you must have a separate bin where you throw in all your plastic recyclables. These can be anything from plastic containers such as water bottles, milk bottles, margarine, and ice cream tubs to mention a few. 3bWaste will then do collections on whatever dates that suit you and your business. This is done at low costs and efficiently without any disruptions to your business! Running your business from home? You can also use these as some sort of storage or gym equipment to save you money and keep the environment plastic-free!


  • Group and categorize: What follows after the collection would be the sorting of the plastic. As a company, you aren’t necessarily required to sort your plastic waste. That is a job to be done by the recycling company. This helps in the avoidance of contamination and increases efficiency.


  • Washing: After the grouping and categorizing follows the washing. This helps in removing impurities found in plastic waste and further decreases the risks of decontamination. Though recyclers are required to wash the waste, it would be very helpful if businesses could also keep their plastic waste as clean as possible. 


  • Shredding: The previous step is then followed by feeding the sorted, clean plastic into shredders. These are machines or equipment that break the plastic down into smaller pieces. This allows for the plastic to be further purified or sold as is without any further processing for suitable uses such as asphalt.


  • Separation: This second last step allows for further testing and processing. The plastic is then graded according to its thickness. Then it gets tested for quality and class. This is then followed by separation according to its density. 


  • Compounding: This is the final step where the shredded plastic is transformed into a usable product. We may also call this step the manufacturing step. If you have ever wondered how your plastic milk bottle came to be, this may be how! However, remember that not all plastic can be recycled and reused.

Plastic is one of the major pollutants in the world. If you can, use less of it and always recycle it. Plastic bags can be reused as carrier bags. Plastic bottles have various uses in households and businesses. Play your bit by recycling and if you have to dispose of it, 3bWaste is a phone call away to carry out the collection and disposal duties for you. 


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