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Paper Recycling Leeds

Can you think of how much paper your organization uses per month? Now, how much of that would be thrown away as trash? There are about 12 million tons of paper wasted each year in the UK. That is a substantial amount and has a negative impact on the environment, after all, we still need trees to clean the air we breathe. Here in 3bWaste & Recycling, we understand the importance of paper recycling in Leeds. Boasting a population of 792,525 people with over 32 000 registered businesses, Leeds has an utmost important duty to its environmental wellness. 

At 3bWaste & Recycling, we offer free paper recycling bins, also known as green bins, delivered to you free of charge! We also have a hassle-free and fast setup! You can contact us on 0113 347 0669


What Does Paper Recycling Entail?

Paper recycling is the process of remaking papers into reusable materials again. The discarded paper is collected, sent to recycling facilities, cleaned up, and then reused into any desirable materials such as office papers, tissues and toilet papers, greeting cards, cardboard, etc. This in turn prevents unnecessarily filling up our landfills. Some people with a few creative bones in their bodies recycle paper by turning it into decorative material for their office spaces. If this sounds like you, grab a few scattered by papers and get creative! 

By recycling, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving the planet for generations to come.


Paper Waste Collection Leeds

When running a business you don’t need to worry about the little things like disposing of your paper waste. At 3bWaste & Recycling, we provide you with paper recycling bins free of charge and take care of the collection. We cater to your needs. So, whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly collection, we are at your service. You can get a quick free quote for your business’s paper waste collection needs. We will provide you with information such as what kind of green bin you need and whether or not daily, weekly, or monthly collection best suits your type of business.


Rules to Remember About Paper Recycling

It is important to understand the rules about paper recycling. It is one of the few materials that can be reused and recycled up to 7 times. So, here are the rules to remember  about paper recycling:

  • Know what paper products are recyclable.
  • Keep your dry paper waste separate from wet paper waste. Only dry paper waste can be recycled.
  • Have a dry paper only bin box to keep your paper waste. Do not mix with plastic or glass. Cardboard, however, can be mixed with paper as long as it’s dry.
  • Avoid wetting your paper waste unnecessarily. Remember, only dry paper is recyclable.


What Can you do to Ensure Your Business Recycles Paper?

Making sure everyone keeps up the environmental cleanliness standard can be frustrating. To ensure this runs smoothly for your business, you can:

  • Keep small bins or reuse boxes to make for paper disposal, preferably next to where paper likely gets discarded. For example, desks or near printers.
  • Because it might take some getting used for the stuff to correctly dispose of their paper, you can create some fun incentives.
  • Mark where dry paper is disposed of.

Paper is environmentally friendly because it is recyclable. You can rely on us to take care of the collections and recycling of your used paper, efficiently and timeously. We also offer one of the best customer services in Leeds. 


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