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Glass Recycling Leeds

Glass is one of the materials that can be recycled over and over again without it losing its properties. In fact, the more the glass is recycled, the less energy it requires to create. This makes glass recycling one of the best ways to save energy as well as the environment. 

For fast, reliable, and cost effective glass recycling contact us at 0113 347 0669. We’ll take on the role of managing your glass waste so you can focus on growing your business.

Why Recycle Glass?

By recycling glass, we can:

Save the scarce landfill space. Glass cannot be naturally broken down by microorganisms in the land. If it is thrown into the landfills, it’ll just take up place and add up to the tremendous amounts of pollutants already plaguing the UK. At 3bWaste & Recycling, we will recycle 100% of all the glass waste we collect from your company.

Saves energy. Recycled glass uses less amounts of energy than creating a new glass from raw material does. There’s a high chance that the glass products your business uses were previously different glass products. That soft drink bottle could have previously been a jam jar!

Reduces carbon footprint. Recycled glass that is ready to be thrown in the furnace and remolded is known as “cullet” and very little carbon dioxide is emitted during the cullet making process. Glass may be the only material to emit the least amount of carbon dioxide.

Conserves natural resources. Another mostly used material to produce glass besides cullet is sand and limestone. Recycling glass will ensure that sand is largely saved and no quarrying for limestone will be needed. Most glass products will just be made from cullet. The quarrying required to extract limestone leaves significant damage on earth. Recycling your glass will prevent that.

How is Glass Recycled Leeds?

3bWaste & Recycling collects your glass waste and sends it to a glass treatment plant. There, the glass will go through a purification process which removes any paper or plastic that might be in the glass products. The glass will then be sorted by color and then crushed, melted, and molded to make new glass products. This is known as the closed loop process.


Currently, businesses in the UK dispose of over 200,000 tons of glass into landfills every year. With us, your business does not need to be part of these statistics.

Don’t have a bin to throw in your glass waste? 3bWaste & Recycling comes with a free bin, excellent customer service, and highly trained professionals for all your queries and concerns. Contact us on 0113 347 0669 or fill in our form.


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