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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my current collection service?
A. Please email us quoting your account number and company name with details of the information you require.

Q. I would like to amend my service.
A. Please email us quoting your account number and company name with the details of the amendments you would like to make.

Q. Can you provide recycling services?
A. Yes, We currently provide Glass/Paper/Wood/fluorescent tube, electrical equipment and many other recycling services. Please email us quoting your account number and company name for further advice.

Q. My bin has been stolen/damaged what can I do?
A. Please email us quoting your account number and company name for further information. The containers while on site are the customers’ responsibility so if the bin has been burnt or stolen you will unfortunately be required to pay for a replacement. If the bin has been damaged then we will replace the container and discuss charges where applicable. We strongly recommend that you inform your insurers that you have a container on site.

Q. Is my container fire proof?
A. Metal containers will contain small fires but the paintwork may be damaged and will need re-spraying should a fire occur. Plastic containers and lids will melt very quickly and will need replacing. Please remember all containers are the responsibility of the customer while on site. We strongly recommend that you inform you insurers that you have a container on site.

Q. My collection has not taken place when it usually does.
A. Should we have missed a collection due to an operational problem we will always try and contact you the day after and advise when collections will take place. If you have not been contacted after 24 hrs and you believe your collection has been missed please email us with your account number and company name along with the day you believe the collection has been missed. Please note on Bank holidays, we generally run a few days behind dependent on the duration and disposal availability.

Q. What waste can I not put in my container?
A. Please see ‘Waste Regulations’ section on this web site.

Q. How can I get a copy invoice/statement?
A. Please email us with your account number and company name along with the information you require.

Q. Can I book an extra empty/collection/exchange/container clean/delivery?
A. Email your request with your account number and company name to

Q. What is the purpose of ‘Waste Treatment’?
A. Treatment is to encourage us to recycle more and reduce the impact of the waste that continues to be land filled.

Q. Is compaction classed as pre-treatment?
A. No, a squashed cardboard box has the same potential for impact on health or the environment as a cardboard box.

Q. Is source segregation an acceptable treatment option?
A. Segregation is equivalent to sorting. Both are acceptable treatments, provided that a reasonable amount of the sorted or separated materials are not sent to landfill. Treating or recovering some of the waste is necessary to reduce the volume land filled or enhance recovery.

Q. What happens if I share a skip with other businesses on site?
A. Check whether the waste is sent to landfill. If it is, talk with the other businesses on site about the opportunities that exist to treat the waste on site. You can also speak with your landlord about the possibility of providing an alternative arrangement, such as separate bins. This could help you avoid paying for further treatment if your waste is mixed with someone else’s untreated waste.

Q. Can I place Fluorescent tubes within my non hazardous general waste containers?
A. No. This is because separately collected fluorescent tubes are classified as Hazardous waste and it is an offence to mix Hazardous and Non hazardous waste. DEFRA and the Environment Agency have advised that once a fluorescent tube has been removed from its fitting it has to be separately collected. 3B Waste Solutions can arrange separate collections of fluorescent tubes for you.

Q. Can I put Nappies and Incontinence pads into my general waste container?
A. Quantities similar to that of which you would expect from a domestic household i.e. one with a few healthy babies or an elderly or incontinent, healthy person can be disposed of along with your general non hazardous waste. If the persons producing such waste materials are been treated by healthcare or medical practitioners then such waste are classified as Clinical waste and should be subject to separate collection. 3B Waste Solutions can arrange separate collections of clinical waste for you.

Q. What is an animal by-product?
A. An animal by-product includes animal carcasses, parts of animals and products derived from animals including raw meat, which is no longer intended for human consumption. Animal by-products have to be collected separately in sealed leak proof containers and disposed of via incineration or rendering in order to prevent the spread of diseases such as foot and mouth. This means that raw meat products such as raw sausages, bacon, smoked salmon, salami, Parma ham, raw chicken, raw fish, frozen raw meat and raw eggs from shops distributors or food factories cannot be disposed of in general waste containers but must be segregated and collected separately as an animal by product.

Q. What is catering waste?
A. Catering wastes are waste from catering establishments such as cafes restaurants and domestic kitchens, which produce food ready for consumption. Catering waste can include cooked or raw meat from a catering establishment and is not subject to separate disposal requirements of the Animal by-product regulations and therefore can be disposed in your general waste container.

Q. What is a former foodstuff?
A. Former foodstuffs include cooked ham, ready meals, cooked pies, cooked pasties, and cooked tinned fish. These can be disposed of in the ordinary general waste container.

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