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Food Waste Collection and Recycling Leeds

Call us for all of your food waste recycling and collection needs. Our friendly and highly trained experts will walk you through all the nitty grits of food recycling. Contact us on 0113 347 0669 or fill out the form for a free quote. 

Food Waste Collection and Recycling Leeds

As Loiners, we pride ourselves on our active role in reducing the adverse conditions climate change causes. After all, the United Kingdom has the world’s leading climate legislation. This is why at 3bWaste & Recycling we have made it our duty to take the weight off of your shoulders and carry out all your food recycling for you. Did you know that food waste in landfills produces methane that travels into the atmosphere and it is 25 times more damaging than carbon dioxide? 

How is Food Waste Collected and Recycled in Leeds?

There’s currently more food that is wasted than needs be. The UK produces about one million tonnes per year of food waste. Most of this food waste ends up in landfills, creating more environmental issues, such as carbon emissions, than we care to admit. Food waste collection and recycling helps to combat this. So, how is food waste collected and recycled? 

 Food waste collection : The first step is to dump all the food waste into your food waste bins. If your company has a green garden (veggie garden) you could use some food waste as compost. Food waste such as fruits and vegetable scraps, egg shells,  bread, meat can be used as compost. However, at 3bWaste we understand that not all businesses have the time or the space to create green spaces. That is why we offer cost-effective services with superior customer service for all of your food waste collection. We collect your food waste and drop it off in one of Leeds’s anaerobic digestion sites. Then, at these sites, it will be broken down to produce electricity, heat, and transportation fuels.


Why Choose 3bWaste & Recycling for Your Food Waste Collection in Leeds?

At 3bWaste & Recycling, we understand the importance of taking care of the environment. We have highly trained staff at your disposal, ready to collect and dispose of your food waste responsibly. We abide by the legislature as well as our own environmental policy. This ensures that we dispose of all waste at licensed disposal sites, keep our vehicles clean and presentable to the highest standards, and continuously train our staff about being environmentally friendly.  


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