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Environmental Policy

3b Waste is a dynamic company with waste collection and recycling operations in the United Kingdom dedicated to the future of the environment. We are committed to sustainable development and the continual improvement of the companies’ environmental performance.

In all Circumstances 3bWaste Solutions Will:

Assess customers requirements primarily looking at the environmental impact of waste management systems they have in place, constantly encouraging our customers to minimise and recycle their waste offering recycling containers at all times.

Strive to comply with all legislation with an aim to manage and reduce any negative impacts on the environment.

Always supply lidded and lockable containers where possible to fully contain waste. Every load transported with open containers will be sheeted. Compacter container cover plates will be used in favour of sheets where possible.

Re-use, recycle and minimise the wastes produced from our premises and offices.

Specify modern low emission engines in all vehicles. All vehicles will be maintained to the highest standard; this includes keeping them clean and well presented.

Try to identify any conflicts of interest especially concerning noise pollution. Any complaints regarding the collection times will be dealt with and the problem rectified immediately to the satisfaction of both the customer and the complainant.

Ensure drivers are fully trained to clear any waste spilt from refuse collection vehicles.

Dispose of all waste and recyclables at licensed sites.
Plan all routes before commencement of journey. Avoid using unclassified roads in heavy vehicles.

Develop a greater understanding of the environment through continual employee training. We will promote an open environmental policy which is available to everyone. The policy is to be continually reviewed and developed taking into consideration public feedback.
How do you want our next generation to see the environment?

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