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Commercial Rubbish Removal Leeds

3bWaste & Recycling covers the collection and recycling of all your business’s commercial waste. Our commercial rubbish removal services are created for your convenience to be cost-effective, fast, and reliable. 

Contact us on 0113 347 0669 to speak to one of our specialists about any queries you may have and get a free quote as well as free rubbish waste bins. 

What is Rubbish? 

Rubbish is any general waste your company’s day-to-day operations produce. It consists of rubbish that does not need any special treatment or disposal. It does not contain hazardous waste or waste that needs to be recycled. This is to say that, if your company has garbage that cannot be recycled and is not harmful, it must go to the rubbish bin. Additionally, this type of waste needs to be stored separately. 

Different Types of Rubbish 

The type of rubbish your business produces will depend on the type of business you run. However, no matter the quantity or the type of rubbish you need to be managed, 3bWaste will offer the best service possible for it.

Types of rubbish include:

Glass Some glass waste such as mirrors, light bulbs, laboratory glass, wire-reinforced glass, and ceramics cannot be recycled. These would have to go into the rubbish bin. Any other glass that can be recycled needs to have its bin and be collected for recycling. 

Plastics – Most kinds of plastic are recyclable. However, plastics like plastic bags, packaging plastics, snack wrappers, and straws cannot be recycled and would have to be thrown into the rubbish bin. For further details and advice on what plastics should be in the recycling bin or not, give us a call and we’ll offer you all the details you need at no cost.

Metals – Metals are classified as rubbish because they are hard to recycle. An example of these would be pot and pans. Other metals such as paint cans and products containing propane and methane are considered hazardous and need to be disposed of as such.   

Commercial Rubbish Removal Leeds

Rubbish waste might be on the higher percentile of all the rubbish output from your company. It may require frequent removal from your premises or just regular removal and maintenance. Whatever the case it may be, at 3bWaste we strive to make your waste management the best it can be. 

Should you require fewer removals but do not have enough bins to effectively store the rubbish, you can consider going for balers and compactors instead of the regular wheelie bins. They offer the ability to fit more rubbish into smaller spaces. 

Commercial Rubbish Disposal Leeds

The easiest way to care for the environment when it comes to waste is by recycling it. So then, what happens to the rubbish that cannot be recycled? How is it disposed of? 

Rubbish cannot be recycled but can be reused as fuel. It will be taken to the special facilities that are designed to turn rubbish into fuel by burning it. This process is carefully controlled to not emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 

Although rubbish can be sent to landfills, at 3bWaste we have a zero-landfill policy. That is why we’re the best company to handle all of your business waste! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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