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Clinical Waste Leeds

Clinical Waste is potentially harmful and poses a great risk to people’s health and the environment. As such, it has stringent rules and guidelines for handling, collecting, and disposing of. Contact 3bWaste & Recycling in Leeds at 0113 347 0669 or fill out the form for a free quote. We’re licensed to handle clinical waste in the safest way possible. 

What is Clinical Waste? 

Clinical Waste can be described as the type of waste generated by health industries. It could potentially inflict injuries or ill health when in contact with humans and animals without proper protection. A few examples of clinical waste are:

  • Bandages
  • Swabs
  • Needles 
  •  Human or animal tissue 
  • Pharmaceutical products 
  • Syringes
  • Blood
  • Gauze 

Different Types of Clinical Waste Leeds

Clinical Waste can be classified into three different types namely: 

  1. Infectious Waste 
  2. Offensive/ Hygiene waste 
  3. Hazardous waste 

Infectious Waste collections Leeds

Infectious waste is all the waste that has the potential of passing on pathogens through water supplies like poisonous pharmaceuticals or when in contact with our blood through open cuts. This could be waste contaminated with blood such as bandages, syringes, gauze, and pharmaceuticals such as expired drugs or lab pathogens. 

Offensive and Hygiene Waste Leeds

This type of waste got its name from its appearance. It also usually emits a foul-smelling odour. It poses a bit of residual risk but isn’t as highly Infectious as the above Infectious waste. This type of waste consists of faeces, sanitary waste, incontinence pads, and nappies. 

Hazardous Waste collection Leeds

This would be the kind of clinical waste that is both harmful to the environment and humans. Examples of this type of waste are some pharmaceutical products, some dental waste, hospital waste containers. However, in hindsight, all waste is hazardous and needs to be handled with care. 

Clinical Waste Management Leeds

As aforementioned, clinical waste can be hazardous and potentially fatal and needs to be handled with extreme caution. It has to be stored in separate bins, collected separately under controlled conditions, and disposed of safely and separately. 

Clinical Waste Collection Leeds

At 3bWaste, we have a fully trained staff that will discreetly collect and dispose of your clinical waste to your satisfaction. We will provide you with free sharp bins and collection bags colour-coded for your specific clinical waste needs. You can contact us on 0113 347 0669 to learn more about our clinical services collections. 

Clinical Waste Disposal Leeds

The UK has an estimated 4.3 million tonnes of hazardous waste being produced every year. That is why it is your legal duty to ensure the safe disposal of your clinical waste by entrusting it to an authorized waste company such as 3bWaste & Recycling in Leeds. 

We will safely dispose of your clinical waste in the high-temperature incinerators designed to dispose of this type of waste.

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