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Cardboard Recycling Leeds

Businesses are legally required to dispose of their wastes responsibly, including cardboard. Out of your very busy schedule as a business owner, recycling cardboard may seem like a trivial thing to do and that is not the case. Recycling cardboard is just as important as any waste recycling you can think of. Fortunately, companies and businesses in and around Leeds can rely on 3bWaste & Recycling to cover their cardboard recycling. With us , cardboard recycling is efficient, cost-effective, and fast. To find out more or for a quote, call us on 0113 347 0669 or fill in the form.

What Cardboard Can be Recycled?

Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper that is mainly used for packaging. Though it is essentially made from paper, it is highly durable and is made in such a way that it makes it possible for it to carry other items. Cardboard comes in two types, corrugated cardboard which is mostly used for heavier packages, and paperboard or chipboard and this is mainly used for lighter packaging like cereals and milk cartons. 

When it comes to recycling, both types of cardboards are recyclable as long as they’re kept dry and clean. Cardboards that are greasy or contaminated somehow must be cleaned before thrown into the recycling bin. Remember to flatten your cardboard to make room in your bin and always store your cardboard waste in a dry bin and ensure that it remains dry.

Can Cardboard be Recycled With Paper?

Not all cardboard can be recycled with paper due to the new regulations that were released in 2012. This is because the fibres are different and will not allow for a good quality product after the recycling process. However, this only applies to corrugated cardboard. Thin or paperboard can be recycled with paper. Ensure that there is no plastic or tape left in your cardboard waste as plastic cannot be recycled with cardboard or paper.

Cardboard Recycling Process

  1. The first step in the cardboard recycling process is the collection. 3bWaste comes to your premises or wherever your cardboard waste is stored for collection at an affordable, competitive price to collect and drop off to a recycling facility.
  2. This is where different card boxes are separated according to their quality. Then follows the shredding.
  3. The shredded cardboard is then mixed with water and pulped. Pulping is a process where the cardboard is turned into mush so it can be easily remade into anything. 
  4. The pulp will then be filtered to further remove any plastics or other foreign products that may have been missed during the first step. This step also removes the ink if there were inked cardboards.
  5. The pulp is then stored for later use or immediately turns into new cardboard products.


Recycling cardboard is another great way to save energy as it does not require that much processing to recreate new material from used cardboard as opposed to creating it directly from the trees. By ensuring that your company recycles cardboard, you are also contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, saving landfills, and creating job opportunities which then boosts the country’s economy. To play your part, call 3bWaste & Recycling today!

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